Hi, I am Jan!

Sales & Software Enthusiast

Over the last five years, I consistently exceeded my quotas in software sales, led transformative GTMs, and now, I’m fully dedicated to enabling sales teams to reach their full potential. Through my blog and as a sales trainer, my mission is to support SMBs and Solopreneurs in staying ahead with current technology and sales strategies, driving accelerated revenue growth.

How it all started..

Growing up in a picturesque German village, I unwittingly enrolled in the School of Sales 101, led by none other than my dad – a horse dealer, the OG of salesmanship. 🏇

Watching him work, I was captivated by the way he effortlessly switched gears whenever the phone rang, constantly on the move, 24/7, all to provide for our family and achieve success.

Witnessing both the highs and lows of the sales game, I initially took a detour, diving into the world of banking, consulting, and venture capital. However, it was a pivotal realization that altered my course.

Regardless of the industry, I observed a common thread among the most successful individuals – they were exceptional sellers. This revelation sparked a turning point, prompting me to bid adieu to my existing path and plunge into the world of software sales.

Fast forward five years, my journey has been nothing short of transformative. The commitment to excellence and hard work has been the backbone of my development, with annual quota achievements of +230%.

Now, my mission is clear: I’m all in, dedicated to helping businesses forge elite sales teams and build organizations that empower sellers to do what they love most – closing deals.

In my current role as a Revenue Enablement Manager, I am entrusted with training and coaching over 50 sales professionals at Beekeeper, a global SaaS scale-up company. Come along with me on this blog to stay updated on the most current trends in sales strategies and tactics.