+75 Proven AI Business Ideas Anyone Can Pursue In 2024

AI Business Ideas

There are a lot of AI business ideas out there with significant earnings potential. But not all are created equal since some are easier to execute than others.

The following seventy-five AI business and startup ideas don’t require you to be a tech genius to launch your profitable business.

In fact, you can get started with many of these ideas without having years of experience and with very little up-front investment.

All you will need is the willingness to learn, determination, and a bit of creativity.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration, read on!

What Are the Best AI Business Ideas?

If you’re looking for the best AI business ideas with a low barrier to getting started, then consider building an AI-based service business first.

Many of these ideas can initially be launched as a service, allowing you to take the first step without extensive technical background and minimal investment. You also have the flexibility to try different approaches and iterate quickly on your ideas.

Once you gain traction, you can turn your successful services into an AI app or info product that has maximum scalability in terms of reach and revenue potential.

Summary of my 10 favourite ai business ideas

Text-Based AI Ideas

Harness the power of new AI models, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT or GPT-4 based tools, to create AI startups that have the potential to create substantial value in a variety of industries.

1. Resume content writer

Help job seekers to stand out in the crowded business world. With the help of AI, becoming a professional resume writer is now easier than ever.

Artificial intelligence can help you structure and improve your writing, so you can create resumes that help job seekers get the attention they deserve.

2. Cold email writer

Lead generation and writing effective cold emails can be daunting tasks for many. But with the help of ChatGPT and sales-focused AI email assistants, you can speed up the process and create high-converting cold emails for businesses within just a few clicks.

Once you’ve perfected the process for yourself, you can easily offer your service to other businesses and generate more revenue for them.

Using Smartwriter to create AI generated cold emails
Generate personalized cold emails based on recipients’ publicly available data. @smartwriter.ai

3. Cold call scriptwriter

AI can help you create effective cold call scripts that quickly capture people’s attention.

Once you learned proven frameworks for effective cold calls and identified the key elements of your customer’s business, you can let AI craft a script that will help them get their point across quickly and effectively.

4. Case study creator

Help businesses create effective case studies for their products or services by leveraging AI.

By using existing data such as customer feedback, customer success stories, or even customer complaints, AI can help you create a compelling narrative that showcases your customer’s products in the best light.

5. Video script writer

With the help of AI, you can use existing artificial intelligence models such as ChatGPT or tools such as bigvu.tv to create engaging scripts for Youtubers or other businesses quickly and easily.

And once you have perfected your skills by helping others, you can easily create your own video-based content business.

6. Children’s story creator

Crafting stories that will capture the imaginations of kids doesn’t have to be difficult.

Artificial Intelligence can make the process much more effortless by providing additional creative elements that let you create engaging stories in no time – so why not get creative and start writing children’s stories today?

7. SEO keyword researcher

Take the first step in creating your AI marketing agency. With the help of AI tools, you can efficiently identify keywords that will give your clients the best chance of ranking on Google.

You just need to learn the basics and be able to utilize a few selected AI-driven SEO tools to get started!

Using ChatGPT to do keyword research

8. Screenplay writer

Using AI to write or enhance existing screenplays can help you create engaging stories that capture your audience’s attention.

Whether you use it to produce your own videos and movies or do it as a service for other businesses, with AI you can get more done faster and create a profitable business for yourself.

9. Copywriter for e-commerce product descriptions

Making sure customers understand the value of a product with just a few words can be tricky. However, new AI models and writing tools are capable of helping you write effective product descriptions that effectively communicate the value of a product to customers.

This can be extremely lucrative as customers rely on you to succeed in their primary goal: selling their product.

10. Copywriter for websites

To get up and running quickly as a marketing service provider why not start by focusing on specific areas?

For example, specialize in writing copy for websites instead. AI can support you with producing compelling website copy that will attract readers and drive conversions.

11. Social media posts creator

If you’re looking to break into the social media content creation space, AI can help you produce engaging posts in no time.

By understanding the right format and length for each platform, you can produce captivating posts for brands without spending too much time on them. Additionally, social media tools powered by AI, such as Tweethunter or Taplio, can help you engage with your client’s audience very effectively – so why not give it a try?

Using Tweethunter to launch a social media agency
Use tools like Tweethunter to quickly get inspirations and let AI write similar content for you

12. Press release writer and distribution service

Creating press releases is something that most businesses don’t have the time for.

By utilizing existing frameworks and AI-driven tools, you can streamline the process and provide an effective press release writing and distribution service that will help businesses get their message out.

13. Proofreader

AI tools can help you spot errors more quickly and accurately than ever before. However, there still needs to be a human involved for the final check.

Once your process is successfully established you could start your AI startup and offer AI-powered applications for proofreading in a specific field such as academia.

14. Article rewriter

If you want to get into the content marketing space, but don’t feel comfortable writing from scratch, then article rewriting might be the right fit for you.

Specialized rephrasing tools such as wordtune or quillbot in are capable of understanding the meaning and context of an article, helping you spin them quickly with minimal effort.

15. Educational content creator

If you have a knack for teaching and helping others learn, then creating educational content is an ideal job.

Artificial intelligence can help you create engaging content that can be distributed in multiple formats, ranging from blog posts to videos and even podcasts.

16. SEO content writer

Here is another of my favorite AI business ideas. One essential skill to get more clients online is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content writing.

Learn the essentials of SEO and use leading AI writing tools for content optimization and building a competitive advantage. This way, you can quickly rank at the top of Google, helping your clients get more organic traffic.

Using Jasper and Surfter to become a professional SEO Writer
Winning combo: Surfer and Jasper.ai to create effective SEO Content

17. Email marketing content creator

Email marketing can be an incredibly effective way of engaging with customers and driving conversions. However, most companies do it wrong or neglect it completely.

Why not be the person to help companies build a successful email list and increase their marketing performance? Pick your favorite AI writing tool and take on more projects faster.

18. Chatbot developer

Companies are investing heavily in this technology to automate customer service, provide personalized content and improve customer experience.

Learn how to use no-code tools and utilize ChatGPT’s API to build an AI-based chatbot that makes you money on autopilot.

19. Website designer

Although it may take a while to master website design, using AI-driven website builders can help you get started quickly.

New AI tools come with powerful customization options, allowing you to create professional-looking websites for your clients with no technical knowledge required.

20. Podcast content creator and editor

Already thought about providing video script services? Podcasts are also an incredibly popular medium for creating content these days.

New AI startups can help you write scripts, edit audio files and distribute your podcasts without even using your own voice.

Creating a podcast business with AI only
podcast.ai generates podcasts that are entirely created by Artificial intelligence

21. User manual writer and designer

A service that writes and designs user manuals for products and services to improve usability and customer satisfaction.

22. Content creator for landing pages

Creating content for landing pages that convert into leads or sales is a must-have skill in today’s digital world.

Use AI to help you craft creative, compelling, and persuasive copy that will drive more customers to your client’s websites.

23. Email template seller

Email templates are essential for creating effective campaigns, but most companies don’t know how to structure or write them.

Learn about effective email frameworks, let AI do the details, and sell stunning templates d that help businesses save time and money. You can use platforms such as Gumroad to easily distribute your work

24. Checklist creator

Having effective checklists is needed in any business activity from finance to sales.

Learn about best practices in various fields and let AI help you create effective checklists tailored to your client’s needs.

Using Chat GPT to become a Template seller
With the right prompts, you can create quality drafts that can be perfected with your personal knowledge and expertise

25. Technical writer

Companies need to provide user manuals, FAQs, and other documentation for their products and services.

Learn about the target audience’s needs, use AI tools to spice up your manuals with engaging elements, and help businesses improve their customer experience.

25. Code snippets creator

If you know how to code or at least how to prompt, you can use AI tools to help you create small code snippets that solve specific programming problems.

This can be a great way to help companies save time and money while creating custom solutions.

26. GPT4 prompts seller

Use GPT4 to create custom prompts that can be used in numerous tasks, from content creation to developing chatbots.

Get familiar with prompting and the basics of AI and GPT4. Then you can quickly make money selling prompts to busy professionals solving their specific problems and improving business processes.

27. Stable diffusion and mid-journey prompts seller

Here is another of my favorite business ideas. Stable diffusion and mid-journey prompts are the key to creating powerful AI-powered art, but they require some experience.

If you are an art and AI enthusiast, why not turn your passion into a profession?

Trend of AI prompt engineers
Ever heard of a “Prompt Engineer”? If not, you will soon.

28. Blog post creator

Use AI to quickly create compelling blog posts that get readers’ attention and make them click on your links.

With the right AI copywriting tools and strategies, you can quickly become an expert content creator and generate revenue from your own blog posts or from writing for others.

29. Language translation service provider

Language translation services are in high demand as companies look to localize their products and services for different markets.

AI tools can help you do the heavy lifting leaving you only with the task of ensuring that translations are accurate and nuanced.

30. Virtual writing assistant

If you’re already an experienced writer, you can use AI to become a virtual assistant, specialized in writing.

Use AI tools to help you research, create content outlines, and structure your writing so that you can focus on the creative aspects of content creation and scale your services faster.

31. Travel planning and a booking assistant

People love to travel, but planning a vacation or business trip can be overwhelming.

Why not use AI tools like ChatGPT to help you create custom travel itineraries for your clients and provide them with the best local information faster?

32. Writing and editing for academics

An AI-powered summary, writing and editing tool that helps academics improve their research papers and articles, providing suggestions for grammar, style, and tone.

Start a Academic Editing Business with AI
Use Grammarly (Spelling and Grammar), Wordtune (Rephrasing), Jasper (AI Writer) to edit research papers like clockwork

33. Music composer

Create your own music or help others compose and arrange their own with AI. Emerging tools let you generate original, high-quality tunes, or use AI to help you quickly generate interesting musical ideas.

34. Legal document drafting service provider

Okay, for this one you need to have a bit of legal background. However, new AI applications will be able to assist you in creating high-quality legal document drafting.

Help others save time and money by using AI tools to quickly create custom legal documents for various purposes.

35. Book summary service provider

If you love books, you now have the chance to monetize this passion.

Use AI tools to help you create concise summaries of books faster and with more accuracy. You can curate and bundle the summaries of the books and sell them as products.

36. Lead Generation Specialist

Sales teams are always on the hunt for a comprehensive list of potential leads. Traditionally, gathering this data has been cumbersome and time-consuming.

Data enrichment tools that are powered by AI make this process much easier and also leverage generative AI to dig deeper, getting you more than just email addresses and phone numbers.

Get to know these tools, design smart workflows, and start pitching your services to sales organizations.

Image-Based AI Ideas

Harness the power of AI models, such as Stable Diffusion, Midjourney or Dall-E 2, to create custom images, animations, artwork, and videos for your clients quickly and easily.

36. UI Concept Designer

Help companies design unique user interfaces for their web applications and software products with the help of AI.

Use new AI models and tools to enhance your designs and quickly create concepts that capture the attention of your clients.

37. Blog Post Cover Image Designer

Bloggers understand the power of visuals, but creating them can be a laborious process.

That’s where you can come in – help bloggers out and provide your services to them and use artificial intelligence to scale your service quickly without the need for extra staffing.

Create Blog Post Cover Image service with AI
My cover image idea for a hypothetical blog post named “How AI Buddha will enlighten society” – done with Dall-E

38. Map and Infographic Creator

Data visualizations can be powerful assets when it comes to quickly conveying a message.

Now you can leverage AI and machine learning to create custom maps, infographics, and other visuals quickly and efficiently. How about you give your clients an edge with stunning visuals?

39. Book Cover Designer

Book cover designs are critical for authors to make an impact on potential readers.

If you like being creative and learning how to use the new capabilities of AI models such as Midjourney or Stable Diffusion, you can create beautiful custom designs to wow your clients.

40. 3D Animated Explainer Video Creator

We all know how powerful video is, and explainer videos help companies get their message across effectively.

Use new AI tools like Synthesia to create stunning 3D animated videos for companies in various industries.

Create AI videos for business

41. Web Banner and Ad Creator

Ads can be a powerful way to acquire customers. However, to stand out in a crowded market you have to have eye-catching visuals.

Build AI-powered graphs, enhanced photos, or animated videos to create stunning web banners and ads that capture more customers for your clients.

42. Children’s Book Illustrations Designer

This belongs to the double-niche business ideas. Instead of creating book covers for every kind of book, become a master illustrator for Children’s books.

Help authors to get their message out and create captivating artwork that will capture kids’ imagination.

Become an Illustrator with AI
Created with Midjourney
Become an Illustrator with AI

43. Festival Illustrations Provider

Did you ever see festival posters or visit their website or social media presence? Chances are that you saw vibrant visuals that embody the energy of the festival.

If illustrations are your jam, start by targeting festivals to develop a portfolio of work that you can then use as leverage in other areas.

44. Minimalist Logo Creator

People love minimalist designs – just look at Apple and other popular brands.

Help your clients in the corporate world to create logos that are simple, but powerful. Use AI models and tools to quickly iterate on ideas and create designs that your clients will love.

Communitiy-created logos @Midjourney

45. Product Package Designer

Consumers judge the product by its packaging, so it’s important to create something that is both visually appealing and consistent with the brand.

Learn the essentials of product package design and let AI tools help you to design various product packaging mockups that will help boost sales for your clients.

46. Comic Book Creator

Do you love comic books? Then, you have all you need to create your own and sell it online.

Enhance your work with AI and create visual stories that will captivate readers. You can also help authors to illustrate their stories.

47. Custom Characters for Video Games

Video games are becoming increasingly popular, and they require custom characters.

Use AI to create captivating characters for video games. This might involve designing custom art, animations and even writing the backstory for the character.

48. E-commerce Product Photographer and Editor

Product photography is important for any online store, and it’s even more important to have professional-looking pictures.

Help businesses take their product photos to the next level with AI-powered photography and image editing. Create stunning images that will draw customers in and increase sales for your clients.

Product Phoro with AI

Easily remove backgrounds and generate new ones with AI with photoroom.com

49. Song Cover Creator

Do you like all the interesting illustrations or animation when digging through some songs on Spotify?

You can become the creator of it. Design stunning visuals that are unique and captivating, and help singers of all genres.

50. Custom Tattoo Designer

Are you creative and love body art? You could help people with turning their ideas into stunning tattoos.

Design unique tattoos using AI-driven tools to make all of these creative visions come to life.

51. T-Shirts and Merchandise Designer

Use AI to become an independent artist or help others create and sell awesome t-shirts, mugs, totes, and other merch that their fans will love.

Make sure you focus on the quality of your designs to stand out from the competition.

52. Custom Phone Case Designer

Help people make their phones look unique with custom phone cases.

Use AI to easily turn their ideas into beautiful and creative covers that will be eye-catching and help customers to stand out

53. NFT Game Assets Designer

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are becoming increasingly popular, and you can use AI to create assets for games either as a service or sell them on NFT marketplaces.

Become a game designer with AI
Create game characters with AI @pixelvibe.com

54. Movie Posters Creator

Help aspiring filmmakers create stunning movie posters that will catch the audience’s attention.

Use AI-driven tools to quickly iterate on ideas and create visuals that will make the movie stand out from the crowd.

55. Specialist Photographer and Editor

Photography is an infinite field and you can specialize in various things from portrait to food photography.

Let AI help you to take your photography and editing skills to the next level. Become a master in one field and understand how AI can help you make it unique and captivating.

56. Anime Model Creator

Why not make your anime dreams a reality? With AI, you can create realistic 3D characters that look just like they jumped right off the screen.

Perfect for movies, games, and other projects, these custom-made models will help animators bring their stories to life.

57. Cartoon Character Designer

If you prefer cartoons over anime, you can use the same approach for creating cartoon models as you would for anime models to get started with your creative project.

58. Furniture (Mockup) Designer

Furniture is a great industry for creatives. Help business owners create beautiful, realistic 3D mockups of their product ideas using AI tools or just start with your own collection if you like to create real, tangible things.

Create a furniture company with AI
Chair collection by Phillipe Starck , co-designed by AI @dezeen.com

60. 3D Animation for Music Videos

Making music videos is more than just recording a performance. Help artists create stunning 3D animations that tell the whole story behind the song using AI-driven tools.

Make them stand out with original graphics, interesting storytelling, and immersive visuals that will captivate the audience’s attention.

61. Custom Icons Packs

Are you interested in design, but not sure what to create? You can make custom icon packs using AI-driven tools and sell them through online marketplaces

62. Gaming Assets Creator

Like with NFTs, help developers with constructing their games. Create props, characters, and other assets for use in their projects.

63. Digital Landscape Painting Creator

With AI, you can create beautiful landscapes and future worlds that will astound any sci-fi fan.

And you don’t have to leave it in the virtual world—turn your artwork into a physical copy or sell it as an NFT online for others to enjoy.

64. Virtual Reality Environment

Create stunning virtual reality worlds for businesses to use in their marketing campaigns or educational projects.

Use AI tools to create detailed and immersive environments that people can explore and interact with.

65. Social Media Profile Picture Creator

Help people create professional-looking profile pictures for their social media accounts.

Take advantage of AI image generation to easily generate custom-made profile pictures that will help people to stand out and make a great first impression. Build your own style with custom prompts, using tools like profilepicture.ai, or build your artificial intelligence business.

66. Greeting Card Creator

Everyone loves receiving greeting cards! Help people to create special memories and share them with their loved ones.

Get creative and leverage AI to make unique designs that will stand out.

67. 3D Architecture Visualization Services

You don’t need to be a real architect for this. Bring architectural designs to life with 3D models.

Help businesses create stunning visuals that they can use to promote their projects in realistic, engaging ways. Use AI-driven tools to construct detailed 3D models quickly and easily.

68. 3D Product Animations

Another way to get paid for your creativity. Build engaging and informative product animations for businesses to use in their marketing campaigns.

Use AI to quickly create realistic 3D product visuals that will be eye-catching and help customers to stand out.

69. Avatar to T-Shirt:

Help people to turn their avatars into physical products, like T-shirts.

Use AI-based tools to quickly and effectively create high-quality designs that your clients will love.

71. Meme Creator

Memes are not only entertaining on social media but can also be a great instrument to make written content more engaging.

Why not help businesses to express their message and knowledge, and ideas through creative images that will make people laugh and enjoy?

Create memes for others
Created by and with supermeme.ai

72. Typography and Font Designer

Create custom fonts and typography with AI and help people find the perfect font for their projects or use them to stand out on social media.

You can even sell them on online marketplaces for others to use.

73. Image Enhancement Service Provider

Help people or companies transform their regular photography into stunning works of art using AI image enhancement tools.

You can improve colors, sharpen details or add other effects to turn regular images into professional eye-catcher.

74. AI Cinematographer

AI can help turn your passion for film into a profitable career. Let artificial intelligence support you by creating captivating stories and visuals that will wow audiences and make your mark in the world of filmmaking.

75. YouTube Thumbnail creator

Since you made it all to the end of the list, here is another of my favorite AI startup ideas for you.

Help YouTubers grow their audience by crafting compelling visuals that draw viewers in. With AI you can quickly create eye-catching thumbnails that will make people want to check out their videos.

The market for it is big and continues to grow, so if you haven’t found one idea for you yet, start with this one, and thank yourself later!

Creating game assets with intelligence
Use a combination of AI Use Cases to build unique Thumbnails @hotpot.ai

Why You Should Start Your AI Business Now?

The Artificial Intelligence industry is predicted to grow a whopping 37% on average per year until 2030. This enormous growth is due to its capability to revolutionize basically every industry.

What has changed now compared to the years before, is that AI is becoming more and more accessible, with tools available to anyone who has the willingness to use them – no computer science degree required. With some creativity and a good strategy, you can turn your artificial intelligence business ideas into profitable startups and also use this new technology to run your business very lean without hiring dozens of new employees.

How do I start an AI business?

Start with AI services or products that can be performed or created with the help of AI models that are publicly available. Get familiar with models such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, or Dall-E, and what you can create with it.

Compile a list of AI startup ideas you get excited about and once you are clear on it, get to work on developing your very own AI startup. Follow this proven business blueprint to effectively gain some traction before you go all in.

Which industry is best for artificial intelligence businesses?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the power to revolutionize every industry. According to a McKinsey study, Retail, Healthcare, Transportation & Travel, Financial markets, and Consumer Goods are some of the most noteworthy beneficiaries.

However, When picking your first AI startup idea be sure to focus on industries that feel familiar and you believe you have the best chance to get your first clients in.


As AI continues to revolutionize our world, there is no better time than now to act on your ambitions of becoming an AI entrepreneur.

There is an immense potential for growth and innovation in the field, and many of these AI business ideas can turn into pretty profitable businesses.

With some dedication and careful planning, you will be able to take advantage of this exciting field and build something great!

If you’ve been debating taking the initiative, now is the time to take the plunge and realize your entrepreneurial dreams.

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