5 Best AI Email Assistants To Scale Your Sales Outreach In 2024

Best AI Email Assistant

Do you spend too much time manually researching leads and crafting never-ending personalized emails? 

AI Email Assistants can take the hassle out of lead generation by automatically researching, writing, and optimizing content for your cold outreach activities – with minimal effort.

As I am doing a lot of sales outreach myself, I wanted to ensure that I chose a tool of superior quality. So I researched extensively and narrowed down the best 5 AI Email Assistants available.

To ensure you make the best possible choice, too, I have prepared this exclusive list so that we can find the right tool to crush your sales target constantly.

Jan’s Pick


If you’re looking for an all-in-one email writing tool to help with your sales outreach and personalization, then Smartwriter could be the perfect fit. This powerful software offers end-to-end functionality, from research to sending out messages. Plus, its integration capabilities enable seamless workflows.

What Is An AI Email Assistant?

AI Email Assistants utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to help sales professionals write and send effective and personalized cold emails to potential clients.

These tools are designed to analyze publicly available data and use this information to automatically generate optimized and personalized email content and subject lines, making it easier for salespeople to generate higher response rates when doing sales outreach via email or Linkedin.

My broader research on generative AI use cases for sales led me to conclude that AI Sales Email Assistants can provide quick ROI with little implementation effort. That is why I suggest looking at these products first if you want to start implementing artificial intelligence into your sales process.

What Are the Best AI Email Assistants?

My exploration of the current AI Email Assistant tool landscape for sales professionals revealed a dynamic range of products.

Each equipped with unique feature sets tailored to particular needs. This review showcases my top picks for all types of users, whether you are an individual or a sales-focused organization.


AI Email Assistant


Smartwriter provides a comprehensive suite of ai email writing tools to help you maximize the effectiveness of your entire sales outreach process. If you want to compliment your AI-Email Assistant with a powerful sales automation tool, check out my Smartlead Review. It is built by the same team and will help you build effective outbound campaigns with top-notch deliverability capabilities.

Key Features & Benefits

Lead Generation: You can scrape LinkedIn profiles and connect with them using verified emails.

  • Scrapped profiles can be exported or directly transferred into Smartwriter’s application

Prospect Research: This allows you to gather information from various sources to personalize your sales emails and subject lines. Personalization sources include:

  • Company News & Blogs, Case studies, Linkedin (86 data points), Podcasts, News mentions, Webinar and speaking events, Medium Blogs, Google Reviews

Email Writer: This allows you to personalize your sales emails using the information gathered from prospect research and includes various email templates for outreach.

  • Icebreaker based on what the company does, recent news, case studies, or blog posts
  • Contextual pitches using prospect information and your value proposition
  • Linkedin Personalization based on recent activity, recommendation, promotions, bio, job role other Linkedin data points
  • Personalized outreach for offline business based on Google or Facebook reviews
  • Backlink Personalization that lets you input your intention (guest post request, 1:1 link exchange), add blog posts of theirs, and generate personalized emails

Application: Web application that also allows doing in-app editing of generated texts as well as a Chrome extension to assist with Linkedin profile scraping

Sequencing: Smartwriter’s feature “Smart script” offers you to dynamically personalize your entire email sequence based on the various personalization sources. E.g., Email 1 is based on LinkedIn personalization; Email 2 is based on company news personalization, and Email 3 is based on a Medium blog.

Integrations: Offers multiple out-of-the-box integrations to streamline your outreach process. Integrations include:

  • Google sheet (scheduled batch upload), Lemlist, Mailshake, Reply, or Woodpecker


My Take 

If you’re looking for an all-in-one email writing tool to help with your sales outreach and personalization, then Smartwriter could be the perfect fit. This powerful software offers end-to-end functionality, from research to sending out unique sales emails. Plus, its integration capabilities enable seamless workflows.

One potential downside is the higher cost of the product, which could offer more analytics to allow continuous improvements.

Fortunately, other tools containing analytics can be integrated into Smartwriter, and the tool still delivers a significant Return on Investment even by being a bit more costly.

If you want to try it yourself and see what Smartwriter offers, you can try it for free without a credit card.




Reply.io is another all-in-one sales engagement platform that automates multichannel touchpoints with leads and customers

Key Features & Benefits

Lead Generation: You can scrape LinkedIn profiles and connect with them using verified emails.

  • Find prospects’ business emails on LinkedIn with the Reply Chrome Extension. The extension searches for prospects’ emails and verifies the emails.
  • Bulk-searched emails from Linkedin can be saved into specific lists on your Reply account

Email Writer: The AI Email Assistant allows you to create first-step emails using email copy, summary, or bullets. You can also improve existing text for follow-ups or generate new text based on emails in a thread. The AI checks email text and subject line against six parameters to estimate the chances of receiving a response.

Application: Web application that also allows to prepare and write your email sequences as well as a Chrome extension that allows you to see your daily tasks and to assist with Linkedin profile scraping.

Sequencing: Reply allows you to create outreach sequences using multiple channels including personal emails, calls, SMS, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn outreach. For that, you can also access a collection of ready-made sequence templates featuring various use cases. Additionally, Reply allows you to include A/B testing for email steps and to integrate your calendar for seamless meeting bookings.

Reports & analytics: Reply provides detailed reports on emails, calls, tasks, and team performance to help you with continuous improvement. The reports include analytics on meetings booked, sequences, and team results, and allow for stats export. Additionally, Reply offers call recording and listening capabilities.

Integrations: Reply offers an open API or multiple out-of-the-box integrations to sync data with multiple tools such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Copper CRM, Pipedrive, Close and Zendesk Sell.


  • Free – 14 days trial
  • Starter – USD 60/Month
  • Professional – USD 90/Month
  • Custom – Depends on requirements

My Take 

Reply.io has come up with a great solution. It offers an all-in-one toolset with great sequencing options and well-rounded features like email scraping, advanced analytics, and other useful use cases such as calendar integration and cloud calling.

The only downside is that the artificial intelligence features are not yet as advanced compared to other providers in this article. However, I could see that the team at Reply is actively working on expanding it to offer even more value.

If you’re an agency or reseller looking for an all-in-one toolset with powerful features, then give Reply a try today!




Lavender is primarily used via its chrome extension but shouldn’t be underestimated as it offers a wide range of features built for entire sales teams.

Key Features & Benefits

Prospect Research: This allows you to gather information from various sources to personalize your outreach.

  • Personalization sources include recipient-specific data such as bios, social media data, and calendar events or company-specific data such as news, job listings, tech tools, social posts, and more.
  • Uses data to create DISC and OCEAN personality types
  • Verifies current email address

Email Writer: This allows you to generate optimized and relevant emails started for you from a few bullet points or it will suggest new sentence replacements to make it more impactful.

Sales Email Assistant: Allows you to evaluate and improve the quality of your email based on their email analysis & scoring

  • Automatic suggestions to improve for better emails
  • Mobile Preview & Optimization Open Tracking.

Coaching: Allows you to analyze what you’re doing well at and how you can improve and give automated recommendations.

  • Prospect engagement tracking based on metrics such as reply rates and open rates.
  • Individual & Team analytics, including leaderboards and automatic recommendations based on performance data

Applications: Chrome extension that provides prospect data and assistance with email writing. Web app that includes individual and team dashboard

Integrations: Out-of-the-box Outreach or Salesloft to help analyze historical data to build benchmarks


lavender.ai pricing
  • Basic – Forever Free
  • Starter – USD 29/Month
  • Individual Pro – USD 49/Month (7 Day Free Trial)
  • Teams – USD 69/Month

My Take 

Are you a sales professional or team looking for an email assistant that is always available in your browser? Lavender may be precisely what you need.

This feature-rich tool integrates nicely with Gmail or Outlook and provides analytics to measure the performance of individuals or teams – perfect for continuous improvement.

However, if more extensive outreach campaigns are part of your strategy and you want to optimize for full automation, there may be better options than Lavender. While it offers great features, you will still need to provide some input for it to generate full emails.

If you still want to be more involved in the writing process, give this dynamic software a try; it also offers a free trial.

Note from Jan: Artificial intelligence can enhance outreach in more ways than just email. Find out how to leverage AI to personalize video at scale in my article on video prospecting.




Twain belongs to the category of very easy-to-use AI email writing tools with a simple feature set. You can think of it like Grammarly for sales.

Key Features & Benefits

Email Writer: This allows you to enhance your email drafts and suggests new sentence replacements based on best practices.

  • Automatic suggestions to improve your Email based on scientific research
  • Explains why particular suggestions can improve your Email

Application: Web app editor as well as a chrome extension for desktop. A mobile version is on the roadmap.


Twain is currently free to use.

My Take 

If you’re looking for a simple AI email writing assistant to help improve your sales outreach and provide insight on further improving it, then Twain could be the perfect fit. Its streamlined feature set makes it easy to get started right away, making it ideal for getting up and running quickly.

However, the limited feature set doesn’t cover any other needs you may have. Compared to other tools, it doesn’t offer any personalization feature.

If you want a tool that helps you with your occasional sales outreach, take advantage of this free opportunity and give it a try.




Lyne provides an easy way to generate multiple personalized icebreakers to enhance your outbound campaign.

Key Features & Benefits

Lead Generation: Lyne offers a chrome extension to help you scrape profiles from LinkedIn.

Prospect Research: Lyne gathers information from multiple sources to create emails with up to 12 different personalization for you. Personalization sources include:

  • Personal content, Linkedin, Case studies, Recent news, Company website, Blog posts

Email Writer: Lyne will generate multiple ice breakers based on different 12 personalization points. These ice breakers can be separated into:

  • No touch Lynes: Based on Linkedin profiles that, according to Lyne, don’t need any editing
  • Classic: Hyper personalized ice breaker that will need to be reviewed and in some cases adjusted

Application: Web application that helps you generate a file that contains your email ice breakers as well as a Chrome extension to assist with Linkedin profile scraping.

Sequencing: The is no in-app sequencing feature. However, you are able to determine the priority of personalization points in the set-up process. Adjustments in the sequencing can then be done in the generated spreadsheet or once it is uploaded in other outreach tools.

Integrations: Offers multiple out-of-the-box integrations with Hunter.io, Lemlist, Mailshake, Reply, or Woodpecker, Close or Wavo.co


Lyne pricing
  • Free Trial – Pay as you go with credits
  • Custom – USD 250/Year

My Take 

If you’re looking for a tool to easily scrape leads and generate personalized intros, then Lyne might just be what you need. It offers a simple and straightforward solution for these specific tasks.

However, if you’re looking for a more comprehensive tool with more in-app features such as editing or scheduling and sequencing features, this may not be the best option for you.

Despite these limitations, Lyne is still a very effective tool if you only need to scrape leads and create personalized intros. Give it a try and see if it fits your needs!”


To recap, the AI email assistants I discussed today are improving cold outreach by helping you send out more emails in less time. All of them are incredibly helpful for scaling your sales activities without compromising on quality.

Whether you need help with data enrichment or writing persuasive or hyper-personalized cold emails, they can take your workflow to the next level.

The best thing is that they all offer a free trial, so go ahead and check them out!

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