6 Must-See Video Prospecting Examples To Fuel Your Outreach in 2024

Video Prospecting Examples

Are you struggling with video prospecting or need a fresh approach? I’ve been there too. 

That’s why, in this post, we’ll unpack six successful video prospecting examples with the goal of providing fresh ideas to enhance your own video prospecting approach. 

Ready to boost conversions and make 2024 a breakthrough year? 

Read on to learn and apply these tried-and-tested tactics.

What is Video Prospecting?

Video prospecting is a sales outreach strategy that employs the use of videos to engage with potential clients.  This method enables you to showcase your personality and conversational abilities in a virtual setting, thus creating a more dynamic mode of communication.

Reasons You Should Implement Video Prospecting 

Video prospecting, compared to traditional text-based approaches, allows companies to deliver messages with greater emotional resonance and personality, significantly boosting prospective customer engagement.

SalesLoft’s analysis found that emails containing videos saw a whopping 16% increase in open rate and 26% bump in reply rate. 

Despite this evidence, many sales reps and sales teams neglect this strategy. By implementing video prospecting and other innovative sales approaches into their sales process, businesses can gain a competitive edge and engage potential customers more effectively.

6 Video Prospecting Examples 

Here is my collection of seven video prospecting examples. For each sales video, I have provided my thoughts to assist you in discovering new approaches for your next video outreach. Take a look below and find inspiration for your outreach strategy. 

The Casual Approach

In the world of video prospecting, Josh Braun is a proponent of the casual approach. His theory revolves around the idea that moving away from the typical webcam recordings and instead, filming in a more relaxed setting (like while walking his dog) can help you distinguish from the rest. 

He suggests leveraging LinkedIn Messenger to share these prospecting videos, which could potentially be a more impactful channel than traditional email. 

Concerned about appearing unprofessional? Keep in mind that your prospects are people first and have become accustomed to informal communication. The deciding factor isn’t the backdrop of your sales video but the message you convey and how you do so.

The Animated Approach

Tyler Washington is a rising star in the video prospecting arena, and his animated approach is definitely worth noting. 

He skillfully incorporates personalized elements throughout his videos, ensuring that each one feels tailor-made for the recipient. 

But what really sets Tyler’s videos apart is his storytelling process. He begins by painting a relatable scenario that resonates with many sales leaders, then transitions into an ideal situation, before wrapping up with an interest-based call-to-action.

The captivating story, combined with thoughtful details, takes his prospecting videos to a whole new level.

The All AI Approach

Consider the all-AI approach exemplified by Alex Vacca, a pioneer in leveraging the latest AI tools for sales. 

The highlight here isn’t the video’s engagement factor or creativity per se, but a distinctive feature – it’s entirely AI-generated. Yes, all AI-generated! AI technologies are advancing at a breakneck pace, and tools like Synthesia are enabling us to construct AI avatars of ourselves.

These avatars can be utilized to generate fully automated prospecting videos using text-to-voice technology. 

If you aim to scale up your video outreach exponentially, this is an aspect you should certainly consider.

The Linkedin or Website Background

Daniel from Vidyard is utilizing his prospect’s LinkedIn page to visually emphasize the important information he’s incorporated into his pitch. 

Using the company’s website or LinkedIn page as your video background is a straightforward way to personalize your outreach video. It also visually reinforces the information you’ve gathered for your messages. 

In Daniel’s case, he highlighted the company’s substantial headcount growth via the headcount growth stat in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. But you can also delve into a prospect’s self-authored content, or profile on Linkedin to build context for an engaging question. 

While his approach was noteworthy, a more direct connection between the company’s growth, the challenges it presents, and his solution could have amplified its impact. 

Remember, to be effective, your personalizations should always be directly related to the problem you’re addressing.

Using Products of Prospect

Let’s take a look at an innovative approach from Morgan Gillespie at Terminus. She cleverly uses two elements to grab her prospect’s attention. 

The main element is the use of the prospect’s product, which demonstrates a significant amount of effort on her part and ensures that the video is highly personalized. 

If you can include your prospect’s product, and the potential gains are substantial enough to warrant the effort, I would certainly recommend it. 

The second element is the use of a whiteboard. This tactic has also been a staple in my video outreach efforts. It’s easy to implement and typically more eye-catching than digital animations.

Using Own Creative Talents 

Let’s look at Joanne from LinkedIn, who brilliantly combines various talents to create memorable sales videos. 

If you or any of your team members have creative abilities like singing, playing an instrument, or even painting, consider how you can incorporate these into your outreach strategy. 

My perspective? You might not even need to personalize your video. The sheer level of creativity will undoubtedly drive higher response rates.

Key Consideration for Successful Video Prospecting

  • Personalized and Relevant: Personalized videos can catch a prospect’s eye, especially in thumbnails and backgrounds. But remember, it’s the relevance of your message that will land you the meeting. Ensure your content is both personalized and pertinent.
  • Think in Sequences: For an effective outreach, think in sequences. Plan a series of touchpoints and messages – the true power lies in the follow-up. Also, consider introducing video not upfront, but later in the sequence to avoid being classified as spam.
  • Effort vs. Outcome: Be strategic about where you want to invest your efforts. Not every potential deal has the same value, so decide whether a fully personalized or semi-personalized video would be more beneficial. Remember, time is precious, so use it wisely.

Taking it to the Next Level: Doing Video Prospecting at Scale

We all understand that crafting quality sales prospecting videos can take a bit of time, but here’s where it gets interesting – AI-powered video prospecting tools enable you to amplify your creative video prospecting efforts at an unmatched speed. 

These tools often come packed with additional features like personalized intros (think AI voiceovers using the prospect’s name), teleprompter for video scripts, tailor-made landing pages, and interactive clickable elements, which add a whole new dimension to your outreach.

This not only helps you establish a personal connection with your prospects but also ensures you rise above the noise in your prospect’s inbox. 

So, take the time to familiarize yourself with these tools and their capabilities to truly elevate your video outreach game.

Alternatives to Video Prospecting 

Let’s not underestimate the power of mastering the basics while exploring new horizons in prospecting. 

Having a carefully crafted prospecting video is one thing, but it’s equally crucial to be a pro at the fundamentals like cold email personalization and effective cold calling

These strategies form the backbone of your outreach efforts, providing multiple touchpoints for your prospects. 

By harmoniously blending the traditional with the new-age, you’re not just boosting your pipeline, but also setting yourself up to seal more deals. 

So, remember to keep those emails personalized, those calls impactful, and let the magic of video do the rest.

Wrapping Up and My Experience With Video Prospecting

In my journey as a sales professional, I’ve tried numerous approaches, and the most effective one always hinges on the context. 

But, there’s one aspect that I’ve always strived to perfect – forging a personal connection. The beauty of video over written communication is that it provides a platform to let your personality shine through. 

So, it’s crucial to capitalize on that. Ensure that your tone, presence, and message are compelling enough to make the prospect eager to engage with you. 

Remember, it’s all about creating that connection and making them feel like they’re not just talking to a screen, but to a real person who understands their needs.


How long should a prospecting video be?

In my experience, the most effective prospecting videos are concise and to the point, typically ranging between 1 to 1.5 minutes in length.

It’s crucial to remember that your prospects are often busy, so brevity and sticking to key points are highly appreciated.  Aim to highlight a potential problem that your prospect might have and your product can address. Do not attempt to explain every detail about your offering. 

This approach not only respects your prospect’s time but also piques their interest, inspiring them to take the next step.

Is video prospecting effective?

Video prospecting is an effective method for reaching out to potential clients or customers.

Studies from renowned platforms like Salesloft and Hubspot indeed validate this claim, highlighting that video can significantly enhance your open and response rates and, ultimately, your sales success.

One of the main factors contributing to this is the distinctiveness of video as a medium. It’s less commonly used in outreach compared to text messages or phone calls, thus enabling you to stand out from the competition and truly set yourself apart.

In addition to these studies, my personal experience echoes the same sentiment. I’ve found video prospecting to be a highly effective tool in my own cold outreach efforts, validating its effectiveness firsthand.

Overall, given its proven success and ability to stand out, video prospecting should definitely be considered essential in the toolkit of your sales team. It introduces fresh and effective elements to your approach that can help drive a better sales pipeline.

What is an example of prospecting?

Sales prospecting always happens at the beginning of the sales funnel and essentially falls into two main categories: inbound and outbound sales. 

To give you an example, let’s say you’ve identified a potential customer that perfectly fits your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). 

Prospecting in this scenario could involve reaching out to them with a tailored message. This can be done in various formats, such as a thoughtfully written email or even a personalized sales prospecting video. The key is to initiate a dialogue and express how your product or service could potentially solve a problem they might be facing. 

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